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Imagine a pyramid standing alone by the sea. Each side a hundred miles long. It is a mountain, nearly four miles high. In its folds, imagine every different climate on earth. This is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The people hidden here call the Sierra the Heart of the World. And themselves the Elder Brothers. (BBC documentary - "From the Heart of the World")


Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The highest coastal range of mountains in the world. It covers an area of 8000 square miles and within 30 miles rises from the white sandy Caribbean beaches to snow capped glacial peaks. It is home to an immense amount of plant and animal species, about 50% of which are unique in the world.

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Nine Day Tour

Trek to and stay in an indigenous village, swim in the Caribbean ocean and relax on pristine North Colombian beaches, visit the UNESCO historic pirate city of Cartagena and much more.

Next Tour: Wednesday April 9th to Thursday April 17th, 2014


People of the Sierra

The four existing indigenous people base their lifestyles in the belief in "ALUNA" or " The Great Mother". They believe that reality is created by thought.

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Fourteen Day Tour

Trek to Colombias lost city, relax on white sandy Caribbean beaches, visit the UNESCO historic pirate city of Cartagena, live with an indigenous village and much more.

Next Tour: Wednesday April 23rd to Tuesday May 6th, 2014


Santa Marta

A busy port city, the oldest in the Americas, it has a population of approximately 400,000 and a mean temperature of 30C.

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North Colombia – National Geographic, Best Trips 2012

Pristine Caribbean beaches make Tayrona National Park a standout in northern Colombia. The park is one of several natural and cultural attractions in the area that include the 16th-century city of Santa Marta and Ciudad Perdida, an archaeological site to rival Machu Picchu.

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