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Colombias Lost City

“The Lost City” or “Ciudad Perdida” (spanish) or “Teyuna” (ancestral name)
The Lost City tour is a 5 day hike crossing rivers and forests full of exotic flora and fauna,steamy jungles,hanging bridges and native villages,mountains and waterfalls. It is believed to have been founded about 800AD. The local indigenous people call it “Teyuna”and believe it was the heart of a network of villages inhabited by their forefathers,the “Tairona”.The Lost City was the regional political and spiritual centre and may have housed 2000 to 8000 people on major religious festivals. It was abandoned during the Spanish conquest.

The Lost City was “found” again in 1975 when a group of tomb looters found a series of stone steps and followed them to the abandoned city they named ‘the green hell’. When gold figurines and ceramic urns from this site began to appear in the local black market the government sent a team of archaeologists in 1976 to rescue what remained.They finished their reconstruction work in 1982.

The Lost city consists of a series of 169 terraces carved into the mountainside,a network of stone paths and many small circular plazas.The entrance can only be accessed by a climb up 1200 stone steps through dense jungle.

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We’re not connected to the ‘Off2Colombia’ guys, but their youtube video of the lost city trek is
the best there is and does a really great job of capturing the adventure..