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Fourteen Days – Santa Marta, Minca, Wimake village stop-over, Tayrona, Cartagena – Trek to the lost city.   arrow

Next Tour: Wednesday April 23rd to Tuesday May 6th 2014.
Cost: USD 1750

Santa Marta bay, Colombia.

Day 1

Arrival at Aluna guesthouse in the historic center of Santa Marta. A group meeting followed by an evening meal in a local restaurant. Overnight in Aluna.

Day 2

After breakfast we take a guided walking tour around the historic center of Santa Marta.
A coffee break in Park Bolivar and we head to the Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino where the great hero, visionary, revolutionary, and liberator, Simón Bolívar spent his last days. We’ll take time to explore the beautiful gardens (with its many iguanas), museum and art gallery. From here we go to the tropical sandy beaches of Bahia Concha. Evening meal in a local seafood restaurant. Overnight in Aluna.
Santa Marta, Colombia.

Simon Bolivar bath, Colombia.

Bahia Concha, Colombia.


Day 3
We travel early up to Minca, in the heart of the coastal coffee region. Minca is a small town (2000ft altitude) nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. After a tour of a coffee farm its a refreshing bathe in Pozo Azul. The afternoon is free with optional yoga/meditation and some local birdwatching. Overnight in Hotel Minca.

Humming bird, Minca, Colombia.


Minca, Colombia.


Day 4
An early morning jeep ride up through the coffee farms with breathtaking views back to Santa Marta. and the sea. From La Tagua (6000ft) we start our hike to the Wi-Wa village of Wimake.

Its a four hour downhill hike through tropical rain and cloud forest finishing with a refreshing dip in the river that flows by the village. Evening activities with the community. Basic accommodation in hammocks in the village schoolhouse.

Trek to Wimake, Colombia.

Trek to Wimake, Colombia.

Wimake trail.

Day 5

After breakfast we join the community with their daily chores. The men join the wi-wa men in the fields,planting and weeding. The women learn how to weave the traditional bags and harvest the crops. In the afternoon there is the opportunity for meeting with the mamo, the spiritual leader of the community.

Wimake, Colombia.

Wimake, Colombia.

Wimake men


Day 6

Tayrona, Colombia.

We say our goodbyes to the Wi-Wa village and its people and journey from the mountains to the beaches of Tayrona National Park. The beaches here have to be seen to be believed, making it onto the British Guardian newspapers list of top ten beaches of the world.A five hour hike back to La Tagua and a jeep ride back to Minca and lunch. After lunch we continue to Tayrona, arriving mid afternoon for a rest and prepare for the upcoming hike to the ‘Lost City”.

Lost City trek, hammocks, Colombia.

Day 7 (Day 1 of ‘Lost City hike’)

After breakfast we pack our hiking bag and take the jeep that winds through the mountains to the starting point, Machete Pelao. Lunch and a 5 hour hike to Adan where we spend the night under palm roofs in hammocks and blankets listening to the night time noises.

Day 8 (Day 2 of “Lost City” hike)

After an early breakfast of arepas and eggs we set off through the rainforest
for another 5 hour hike. Along the way we pass by the indigenous village of Muteyzhi where there is the possibility of some interaction with the local community. From here we continue to our next huts beside the river Buritaca where we will spend the night. After lunch there is free time to swim in some pools and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Wimake, Colombia.

Lost city trek, Colombia.

Indigenous mother and child

Day 9 (Day 3 of “Lost City”hike)

We go further into the forest, crossing the river Buritaca at various places before arriving at our camp at the base of the lost city

Day 10 (Day 4 of “Lost City”hike)
After breakfast we prepare for our ascent to the Lost City, climbing up 1200 stone steps from the river to the first terraces. A guided tour of the site including its history,architectural and archaeological significance. After the tour there is free time to photograph and enjoy the breathtaking landscape. After our visit we hake back to the second camp to spend the night.

Lost City, Colombia.

Lost City wall, Colombia.

Lost city tour, Colombia.

Lost City, Colombia.

Day 11 (Day 5 of “Lost City”hike)
The last days hike is approximately 7 hours and brings us back to Machete Pelao where we take lunch. A jeep ride back down the mountains to our beach house accommodation for a well deserved rest in a bed!

Tayrona, Colombia.

Day 12
A free day to relax by the beach.There is the option (additional cost) of a visit to the nearby Tayrona National Park. A bus can take us to the car park and from there an hours hike through the forest to the world acclaimed beaches.


Day 13

After breakfast we pack up and head off to Cartagena. A lunch break in Barranquilla and before arriving into Cartagena a relaxing mud bath and massage in the mud volcano, Volcan del Totamo. After a good scrub down we’re back on the bus and into Cartagena.That night we do a horse and carriage tour of the old city and have our last meal together in one of the squares in the old city. Overnight in Cartagena.

Mud Baths, Colombia.

Cartagena, Colombia.

Lost City, Colombia.

Day 14
Farewells after breakfast.